1. This is a peculiar generation, a dying world wired as a global village to fulfil prophecy, “And this GOSPEL of the kingdom shall be PREACHED IN ALL THE WORLD for a WITNESS unto all nations; and THEN SHALL THE END COME” [Matthew 24:14] The GOSPEL is preached in all nations; it’s there on your phone, cable TV, tracts, books, internet and all, as WITNESS of imminent END. Let no man deceive you the END of time is creeping on us like a SNARE, “… TAKE HEED to yourselves, lest at any time your hearts be overcharged with SURFEITING, and DRUNKENNESS, and CARES OF THIS LIFE, and so that DAY COME UPON YOU UNAWARES. For as a SNARE SHALL IT COME ON ALL them that dwell on the face of the whole earth” Luke 21:34-35] Beloved, more than ever, PUT YOUR HOUSE IN ORDER; prepare for eternity, “For we know that if our EARTHLY HOUSE of this tabernacle were dissolved, we have a building of God, an HOUSE NOT MADE WITH HANDS, ETERNAL in the heavens” [2 Corinthians 5:1] PUT YOUR HOUSE IN ORDER, when this earthly vessel is dissolved, you will be clothed with everlasting glory.

2. Jesus Christ is the HOUSE OWNER spoken in John 14:1-3, “… Christ as a SON OVER HIS OWN HOUSE; WHOSE HOUSE ARE WE, if we hold fast the confidence and the rejoicing of the HOPE FIRM UNTO THE END” [Hebrews 3:6] In Jesus Christ we have TITLE DEEDS to our heavenly HOUSE, with terms of POSSESSION clearly stated in Luke 6:46-49, “Whosoever COMETH to me, and HEARETH my sayings, and DOETH them, I will shew you to whom he is like: He is like a man which built an HOUSE, and DIGGED DEEP, and laid the FOUNDATION on a ROCK: … “ [Luke 6:47-48] POSSESSION is the choice we make to COME, HEAR and DO the WILL of the ONE TRUE GOD, the ALMIGHTY. There may be other gods, a WISE MAN will do due diligence to ensure he has TITLE DEEDS signed by the ALMIGHTY, “Therefore whosoever HEARETH these sayings of mine, and DOETH them, I will liken him unto a WISE MAN, which built his HOUSE UPON A ROCK” [Matthew 7:24] Be a WISE MAN, DIG DEEP; cut through man-made doctrines and cultural debris to get to the true IDENTITY of Jesus Christ. He is the ROCK of which our heavenly HOUSE was hewn and “CAME DOWN FROM HEAVEN”, “And no man hath ASCENDED up to heaven, but he that CAME DOWN FROM HEAVEN, even the SON OF MAN WHICH IS IN HEAVEN” [John3:13] Do you BELIEVE God was manifest in Jesus Christ and ASCENDED to heaven? He is the ROCK, be a WISE MAN, build your HOUSE on Him.

3. It is a MYSTERY; we have the HOUSE and yet must lay the FOUNDATION on the ROCK, “And are built upon the FOUNDATION of the APOSTLES and PROPHETS, Jesus Christ himself being the chief CORNER STONE; … “ [Ephesians 2:20-21] Be not confused; as with all things pertaining to God, BELIEVE and you will HAVE your heavenly HOUSE established on “FOUNDATION of APOSTLES and PROPHETS. FOUNDATIONS by nature describe the pattern of the HOUSE and are made of incorruptible materials, to withstand the worst STORMS. “If the FOUNDATIONS be destroyed, WHAT CAN THE RIGHTEOUS DO?” [Psalms 11:3] Our eternal HOUSE is from heaven, so is the FOUNDATION; it is made of building blocks of TRUTH, “… FOUNDATION of REPENTANCE from dead works, and of FAITH toward God, Of the doctrine of BAPTISMS, and of LAYING on of HANDS, and of RESURRECTION of the dead, and of eternal JUDGMENT” [Hebrews 6:1-2] The FOUNDATION of our everlasting HOUSE are the true DOCTRINES of Jesus Christ, SEVEN in all, BAPTISMS being two; WATER BAPTISM and HOLY GHOST BAPTISM. The first is REPENTANCE without which FAITH is HYPOCRISY. BAPTISMS certify NEWNESS OF LIFE, a prerequisite for ORDINATION by LAYING OF HANDS. RESURRECTION is the end of HOPE and JUDGMENT for those who have not the FOUNDATION of TRUTH in Christ, “For OTHER FOUNDATION CAN NO MAN LAY than that is laid, which is Jesus Christ” [1 Corinthians 3:11]

4. As nations stagger from instability to confusion, we LOOK UP earnestly to be clothed with our eternal HOUSE, “For in this we GROAN, earnestly desiring to be clothed upon with OUR HOUSE WHICH IS FROM HEAVEN” [2 Corinthians 5:2] Everything going on around us; pandemic, climate change social disorder and more, describe the STORM in our Parable, “And the RAIN descended, and the FLOODS came, and the WINDS blew, and BEAT UPON THAT HOUSE; and it fell not: for it was founded upon a ROCK” [Matthew 7:25] Listen carefully, things are not going to get better but worse and now more than ever is time to DIG DEEP and ascertain the ROCK from which your HOUSE was hewn. Do not rest your eternal relevance on any man or denominational creed, “PROVE ALL THINGS; hold fast that which is good. Abstain from all appearance of evil” [1 Thessalonians 5:21-22] Examine your FOUNDATION and be not distracted by some who handle the word of God deceitfully, “… men of corrupt minds, and destitute of the truth, SUPPOSING THAT GAIN IS GODLINESS: from such withdraw thyself” [1Timothy 6:5] I encourage you to FORGIVE those who offend you and set your affections on heavenly things; WATCHINH and PRAYING in readiness for the appearance of the Lord “Lest Satan should get an advantage of us: for WE ARE NOT IGNORANT OF HIS DEVICES” [2 Corinthians 2:11]

5. There is no time table for death; do you have an eternal HOUSE waiting when this earthly BODY is dissolved? Accept Jesus Christ as your Lord and Saviour and receive TITLE DEEDS to your everlasting HOME, amen

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