1. When Israel was restored to the PROMISED LAND in 1947, the GENTILE CHURCH crossed the PROPHETIC THRESHOLD of the LAST DAYS and THERE SHALL BE NO PEACE, says the Lord until the “… kingdoms of this world are become the kingdoms of our Lord, and of his Christ; and HE SHALL REIGN FOR EVER and ever” [Revelation 11:15] At a time like this, with “MEN’S HEARTS FAILING THEM FOR FEAR, and for looking after those things which are coming on the earth…” and the nations HUNGERING for PEACE like never before, THERE SHALL BE NO PEACE says the Lord [Luke 21:26] When the nations shall come together to proclaim GLOBAL CONCORD, and “… SHALL SAY, PEACE AND SAFETY; THEN SUDDEN DESTRUCTION cometh upon them, as travail upon a woman with child; and they shall not escape” [1 Thessalonians 5:3] The earth shall be PURGED with TRIBULATION, and in the days to come SAINTS “… SHALL BE HATED OF ALL MEN for my name’s sake: but he that ENDURETH TO THE END SHALL BE SAVED” [Matthew 10:22] 

2. WHITE, BLACK and RED HORSES of Revelation 6:1-8 took off at inception of the GENTILE Church and concerning the RED HORSE, “… POWER WAS GIVEN to him that sat thereon TO TAKE PEACE FROM THE EARTH, and that they should kill one another: and there was given unto him a GREAT SWORD” [Revelation 6:4] PEACE was taken off the earth some 2,000 years ago, but now comes TRIBULATION. The SIGNAL for TRIBULATION was the return of Israel to Palestine, as the THREE HORSES run into one another for the PALE HORSE to emerge “… AND HIS NAME THAT SAT ON IT WAS DEATH, and HELL FOLLOWED WITH HIM. And POWER WAS GIVEN unto them over the fourth part of the earth, to KILL WITH SWORD, WITH HUNGER, and WITH DEATH, and WITH THE BEASTS of the earth” [Revelation 6:8] WHITE, BLACK and RED mixed together reveals the PALE HORSE and the RIDER is the one who wields, “… THE POWER OF DEATH, THAT IS, THE DEVIL” [Hebrews 2:14] The present orgy of KILLING, POVERTY and PANDEMICS is Satan riding the PALE HORSE to DELUDE, DISTRACT and INTIMIDATE those “… who THROUGH FEAR OF DEATH were all their lifetime SUBJECT TO BONDAGE” [Hebrews 2:15] Let no man DECEIVE you, THERE SHALL BE NO PEACE until the PALE HORSE and RIDER go down to PERDITION, “… but the PEOPLE THAT DO KNOW THEIR GOD SHALL BE STRONG, and do exploits” [Daniel 11:32] 

3. Satan has a “SHORT TIME” to finish his work and “… WOE TO THE INHABITERS OF THE EARTH and of the sea! for the DEVIL IS COME DOWN UNTO YOU, having great wrath, because he knoweth that HE HATH BUT A SHORT TIME” [Revelation 12:12] The DEVIL IS COME DOWN and his “SHORT TIME” is the space between the return of JEWS to Palestine and the appearance of Jesus Christ. In this “SHORT TIME”, he shall “… MAKE WAR WITH THE SAINTS, and to OVERCOME THEM: and POWER WAS GIVEN HIM OVER ALL KINDREDS, and tongues, and nations” [Revelation 13:7] I repeat, Satan shall “MAKE WAR WITH THE SAINTS and to OVERCOME THEM“. Listen closely, the growing PERSECUTION and KILLING of SAINTS is not human error or failure of government but Satan working through the CHILDREN OF DISOBEDIENCE to fulfill PROPHECY [Ephesians 2:2] Beloved, do not yield to those who appeal to primordial sentiments, asking you to FIGHT or JOIN hands with political and religious leaders for GLOBAL PEACE; it is a SNARE, THERE SHALL BE NO PEACE. The kingdoms of this world and all shades of false religion are pawns in the hands of the Devil, but God is in ultimate CONTROL and shall SAVE us and PERFECT our SALVATION “For he will FINISH THE WORK, and CUT IT SHORT IN RIGHTEOUSNESS: because A SHORT WORK WILL THE LORD MAKE UPON THE EARTH” [Romans 9:28] 
4. THERE SHALL BE NO PEACE going forward and many Christians shall be DECEIVED, “For there shall arise FALSE CHRISTS, and FALSE PROPHETS, and shall shew great signs and wonders; insomuch that, IF IT WERE POSSIBLE, THEY SHALL DECEIVE THE VERY ELECT” [Matthew 24:24]FALSE CHRISTS and FALSE PROPHETS are manifest in the FOLD, “… AFTER THE WORKING OF SATAN with all power and signs and LYING WONDERS” to DECEIVE and take PEACE away from the Church [2 Thessalonians 2:9] When they preach PEACE and PROSPERITY, it is with all “… DECEIVABLENESS OF UNRIGHTEOUSNESS in them that perish; because they received not the love of the truth, that they might be saved. And for this cause God SHALL SEND THEM STRONG DELUSION, that they should BELIEVE A LIE [2 Thessalonians 2:10-11] Brethren, God already SENT STRONG DELUSION into the Church and THERE SHALL BE NO PEACE between adherents of TRUTH and of LIES. The ELECT will not be DECEIVED by LYING WONDERS because they READ and RECEIVE the WORD of God “… WITH ALL READINESS OF MIND, and SEARCHED THE SCRIPTURES daily, whether those things were so” [Acts 17:11] They hunger for the PROPHETIC REVELATION of TRUTH, as Israel in Egypt for “… BY A PROPHET THE LORD BROUGHT ISRAEL OUT OF EGYPT, and by a prophet was he preserved” [Hosea 12:13] 

5. THERE SHALL BE NO PEACE on earth until the MILLENIAL reign of Jesus Christ, that is the TRUTH, “BE PATIENT therefore, brethren, UNTO THE COMING OF THE LORD…” and prepare to be TRANSLATED at His appearance in clouds of glory [James 5:7, Revelation 2:4-6] If you are not BORN AGAIN, do so today and book your ticket to EVERLASTING PEACE, amen


1. CAN GOD TRUST YOU? The QUESTION is not about TRUSTING God, but God TRUSTING you and the ANSWER is with God, “For the EYES OF THE LORD RUN TO AND FRO throughout the whole earth, TO SHEW HIMSELF STRONG IN THE BEHALF OF THEM WHOSE HEART IS PERFECT TOWARD HIM…“ [2 Chronicles 16:9] The EYES OF THE LORD searches the HEART and SEES what no Bishop or religious leader can see; looking for the HEART that is made PERFECT by FAITH, and TRUST is the FOUNDATION of FAITH, “… WITHOUT FAITH IT IS IMPOSSIBLE TO PLEASE HIM : for he that cometh to God must believe that he is, and that he is a rewarder of them that diligently seek him” [Hebrews 11:6] God alone determines who PLEASES Him; a man may “CAST OUT DEVILS” in the name of God and fail the TEST of TRUST, as it is written: “Many will say to me in that day, Lord, Lord, have we not PROPHESIED IN THY NAME? and in thy name have CAST OUT DEVILS? and in thy name DONE MANY WONDERFUL WORKS? And then will I profess unto them, I NEVER KNEW YOU: DEPART FROM ME, YE THAT WORK INIQUITY” [Matthew 7:22-23]

2. CAN GOD TRUST YOU with earthly RICHES? Many people work to the point of death to be RICH, but “The BLESSING OF THE LORD, IT MAKETH RICH, and he addeth no sorrow with it” [Proverbs 10:22] Hard work is good, but it is the BLESSING OF THE LORD that releases “POWER TO GET WEALTH”. Let no man say: “… MY POWER AND THE MIGHT OF MINE HAND HAD GOTTEN ME THIS WEALTH. But thou shalt remember the LORD thy God: for it is HE THAT GIVETH THEE POWER TO GET WEALTH, …” [Deuteronomy 8:17-18] If you are praying and fasting to be RICH, CAN GOD TRUST YOU to be FAITHFUL to SPEND your RICHES on the GOSPEL and His sheep? [2 Corinthians 12:15] At a time like this, when the Church is under siege of CRASS MATERIALISM, CAN GOD TRUST YOU to SPEND and be SPENT for the Kingdom of God? The “LITTLE” you have now, God gave you; how you SPEND it determines the release of POWER TO GET WEALTH, for “He that is FAITHFUL IN THAT WHICH IS LEAST IS FAITHFUL ALSO IN MUCH… ” [Luke 16:10] Brethren , if God cannot TRUST you to be “… faithful in the unrighteous mammon, WHO WILL COMMIT TO YOUR TRUST the TRUE RICHES?” [Luke 16:11]

3. CAN GOD TRUST YOU with His WORD? Abraham believed the WORD of God, left his “COUNTRY”, “KINDRED” and “FATHER’S HOUSE” and “… WENT OUT, NOT KNOWING WHITHER HE WENT” [Hebrews 11:8; Genesis 12:15] After diverse TRIALS in a strange land, God said of Abraham, “FOR I KNOW HIM , that HE WILL COMMAND HIS CHILDREN and HIS HOUSEHOLD after him, and THEY SHALL KEEP THE WAY OF THE LORD, to do justice and judgment; that the LORD may bring upon Abraham that which he hath spoken of him” [Genesis 18:19] The same WORD Abraham BELIEVED was manifest in FLESH for men to SEE and BELIEVE unto SALVATION, as it is written: “And the WORD WAS MADE FLESH, and dwelt among us, … ” [John 1:14] Friend, CAN GOD TRUST YOU to accept Jesus Christ as the WORD manifest in FLESH and BLOOD, as the Bible says: “IN THE BEGINNING WAS THE WORD, and the Word was with God, and THE WORD WAS GOD” [John 1:1] If you ACCEPT and BELIEVE Jesus Christ is God’s PERSONAL IDENTITY, you have a relationship with God but TRUST is not earned until God approves your handling of the WORD and says, “I KNOW HIM”. CAN GOD TRUST YOU to handle His WORD with INTEGRITY, rightly dividing the WORD of TRUTH and FEED His LAMBS with the BREAD of LIFE? [John 21:15-17]

4. CAN GOD TRUST YOU with heavenly GIFTS? The summary of God’s GIFT man is Jesus Christ, “For God so loved the world, that HE GAVE HIS ONLY BEGOTTEN SON, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have EVERLASTING LIFE” [John 3:16] At His ASCENSION, the GIFT of God was renewed in the Holy Ghost to every man who REPENT and is BAPTIZED in “… the name of Jesus Christ for the remission of sins, and ye shall receive the GIFT OF THE HOLY GHOST” [Acts 2:38] SPIRITUAL GIFTS are listed in 1 Corinthians 12:1-12 and MINISTERIAL GIFTS in Ephesians 4:11-13. MINISTERIAL GIFTS of Apostle, Prophet, Teacher, Pastor and Evangelist are operated by the Holy Ghost, “For the PERFECTING OF THE SAINTS, for the WORK OF THE MINISTRY, for the EDIFYING OF THE BODY OF CHRIST” [ Ephesians 4:12] The FIVE OFFICES of Christ are designed to work in tandem, and the present fashion of disallowing OFFICES outside the purview of the GENERAL OVERSEER is grave error. Dear Pastor, Evangelist, Prophet, Teacher or Apostle, CAN GOD TRUST YOU to allow all FIVE OFFICES to operate in your parish to EDIFY and PERFECT the SAINTS? My dear brother, CAN GOD TRUST YOU not to turn your SPIRITUAL GIFT into an OFFICE to milk Christ’s sheep, “… following the way of Balaam the son of Bosor, WHO LOVED THE WAGES OF UNRIGHTEOUSNESS”? [2 Peter 2:15] 

5. CAN GOD TRUST YOU like Enoch, “And Enoch WALKED WITH GOD: and he was not; for GOD TOOK HIM” [Genesis 5:24] CAN GOD TRUST YOU enough to TAKE YOU at His appearance, to be with Him forever? The ball is in your court, “EXAMINE YOURSELVES, WHETHER YE BE IN THE FAITH … ” [ 2 Corinthians 13:5] If you are not BORN AGAIN, do so today and WATCH with PRAYERS for Christ’s imminent appearance, amen


1. When God said, … Let us make man IN OUR IMAGE, AFTER OUR LIKENESS…”, He knew Satan would interfere and divided the work of CREATION into two MODELS [Genesis 1:26] The FIRST MODEL was Adam, who God formed out “… OF THE DUST OF THE GROUND, and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life; and MAN BECAME A LIVING SOUL” [Genesis 2:7] The LIVING SOUL was the IMAGE of God, but not His LIKENESS, as it is written: “… GOD CREATED MAN IN HIS OWN IMAGE, in the image of God created he him; male and female created he them… “ [Genesis 1:27-28] God reserved His LIKENESS for the SECOND MODEL, made PERFECT “… in the UNITY OF THE FAITH, and of the KNOWLEDGE OF THE SON OF GOD, UNTO A PERFECT MAN, unto the measure of the stature of the FULNESS OF CHRIST” [Ephesians 4:13]

2. Adam was a LIVING SOUL, but the SPIRIT in him was “A LITTLE LOWER THAN ANGELS, as the Psalmist wrote: “… For THOU HAST MADE HIM A LITTLE LOWER THAN THE ANGELS, …” [Psalms 8:4-5] The FIRST MODEL, being a LITTLE LOWER THAN ANGELS, fell to the wiles of his angelic ADVERSARY, as it is written: “… while men slept, his ENEMY CAME AND SOWED TARES among the WHEAT, and went his way… THE ENEMY THAT SOWED THEM IS THE DEVIL… ” [Matthew 13:25&39] God sowed His WORD, which is God, as clearly stated in Genesis 2:16-17 [See also John 1:1] When the Serpent said: “…YE SHALL NOT SURELY DIE. For God doth know that in the day ye eat thereof, then YOUR EYES SHALL BE OPENED, and YE SHALL BE AS GODS, knowing good and evil”, the ENEMY sowed LUST, his DNA, in man [Genesis 3:4-5] LUST is THE ENEMY WITHIN, enticing us to “THINK”, “SEE”, “SPEAK” and “ACT” contrary to the WORD of God. No sooner LUST was embedded in her FLESH, Eve began to “THINK”, “SPEAK” and “DESIRE” contrary to the WORD of God; the forbidden FRUIT became “GOOD FOR FOOD”, “PLEASANT TO THE EYES” and “DESIRED TO MAKE ONE WISE” [Genesis 3:6] Through Eve, the present world was infested with the three-headed monster of LUST, “For all that is in the world, the LUST OF THE FLESH, and the LUST OF THE EYES, and the PRIDE OF LIFE, is not of the Father, but is of the world” [1John 2:16]

3. LUST OF THE FLESH is Satan working in man to transform NEEDS to insatiable WANTS. Beloved, God acknowledges our NEEDS but “WANTS” come from the ENEMY WITHIN, enticing us to CRASS MATERIALISM [Matthew 6:32] Remember, “… WE BROUGHT NOTHING INTO THIS WORLD, and it is certain we can carry nothing out. And HAVING FOOD AND RAIMENT LET US BE THEREWITH CONTENT” [1Timothy 6:7-8] LUST of the FLESH, if unchecked, degenerates into LUST of the EYES. LUST OF THE EYES is DISCONTENT with what God “SEES” in you and WISH you would become, kindling untamed PASSION to become what you SEE”” and “WISH” to be. Those who go down that road ENTANGLE themselves with “AFFAIRS OF THIS LIFE” and do not please God and never made PERFECT in His LIKENESS, for “NO MAN THAT WARRETH ENTANGLETH HIMSELF WITH THE AFFAIRS OF THIS LIFE; that he may PLEASE HIM WHO HATH CHOSEN HIM to be a soldier” [2 Timothy 2:4] The END-GAME of LUST is PRIDE OF LIFE, fueled by STRONG DELUSION in those who FALL AWAY from Christ, “For it is impossible for those who were once enlightened,… PARTAKERS OF THE HOLY GHOST, … IF THEY SHALL FALL AWAY, TO RENEW THEM…” [Hebrews 6:4-6] PRIDE OF LIFE is total DERAILMENT from FAITH, with no hope of REPENTANCE, in the LIKENESS of Satan.

4. When we come to God through Jesus Christ our SINS are forgiven and we are RE-CREATED, but not yet PERFECT in His LIKENESS. The Bible says: ”Therefore if any man be in Christ, he is A NEW CREATURE: old things are passed away; behold, ALL THINGS ARE BECOME NEW” [2 Corinthians 5:17] Listen closely, the “NEW CREATURE” retains the OLD BODY and LUST is at work in the pastor as well as his congregation. PERFECTION in this mortal BODY is a continuous BATTLE to MORTIFY LUST and live by FAITH in the WORD of God. This is easier said than done, even as Apostle Paul admitted: “… to will is present with me; but how to perform that which is good I find not. For the GOOD THAT I WOULD I DO NOT: but the EVIL WHICH I WOULD NOT, I DO” [Romans 7:18-19] Beloved, let us humble ourselves before God as Paul did and acknowledge the pockets of LUST in us, “… for GOD RESISTETH THE PROUD, and GIVETH GRACE TO THE HUMBLE” [1 Peter 5:5] The ANTIDOTE to LUST is the SWORD of the SPIRIT, which is the WORD of God, cutting deep “… to the DIVIDING ASUNDER OF SOUL AND SPIRIT, and of the joints and marrow, and is a DISCERNER OF THE THOUGHTS AND INTENTS OF THE HEART” [Hebrews 4:12] Brethren, the FIRST MODEL was weakened by DISOBEDIENCE, the SECOND MODEL shall be made PERFECT in strict OBEDIENCE to the WORD of God.

5. Brethren, let us give room to the SWORD OF THE SPIRIT to cut and purge us of every SPOT and WRINKLE of LUST as we look forward to the coming of the Lord to receive for himself, “… a GLORIOUS CHURCH, NOT HAVING SPOT OR WRINKLE, …” [Ephesians 5:27] If you are not BORN AGAIN, do so TODAY and be purged of LUST in readiness for His glorious appearance, amen


1. It does not matter how long we live, we shall one day DIE and “ … EVERY ONE SHALL GIVE ACCOUNT OF HIMSELF to God” [Romans 14:12] Everything we do or fail to do, including thoughts and imaginations, we shall give ACCOUNT and be JUDGED, “… as it is APPOINTED UNTO MEN ONCE TO DIE, but AFTER THIS THE JUDGMENT” [Hebrews 9:27] Those who DIE without sorting out their ACCOUNTS with Jesus Christ shall be JUDGED “… out of those things which were written in the BOOKS, ACCORDING TO THEIR WORKS” [Revelation 20:12] Those who accept Jesus Christ as LORD and SAVIOUR and SETTLE their ACCOUNTS with Him have their WORKS approved and shall receive His REWARD, as it is written: “And, behold, I COME QUICKLY; and MY REWARD IS WITH ME, TO GIVE EVERY MAN ACCORDING AS HIS WORK shall be” [Revelation 22:12] If you “KNOW” not the Lord Jesus Christ and refuse to SETTLE” your ACCOUNT with Him, thus shall He say to you on the DAY of JUDGMENT, “… I KNOW YOU NOT whence ye are; DEPART FROM ME, all YE WORKERS OF INIQUITY” [Luke 13:27]

2. WORDS emanate from within and CLEANSE or DEFILE, as it is written: ”But those things which PROCEED OUT OF THE MOUTH COME FROM THE HEART; and they DEFILE THE MAN” [Matthew 15:18] When a man CONFESSES Jesus Christ as LORD and SAVIOUR, his SINS are erased and his ACCOUNT CREDITED with SALVATION, “For with the heart man believeth unto righteousness; and WITH THE MOUTH CONFESSION IS MADE UNTO SALVATION” [Romans 10:10] If you have not confessed Jesus Christ as LORD and SAVIOUR you are DEFILED; every WORD out of your mouth is IDLE TALK and for “… every IDLE WORD that men shall speak, they shall GIVE ACCOUNT thereof in the DAY OF JUDGMENT” [Matthew 12:36] IDLE TALK is not limited to SINNERS; when the PREACHER “SWEETENS” the GOSPEL for material gain, he is guilty of IDLE WORDS and “SHALL GIVE ACCOUNT”. When we spend hours CURSING perceived enemies in the name of the Lord, it is IDLE TALK. Brethren, WORDS are so important, “… IF ANY MAN OFFEND NOT IN WORD, THE SAME IS A PERFECT MAN, and able also to bridle the whole body” [James 3:2] I charge you to EXAMINE your speech and let your mouth be filled “… with GRACE, seasoned with salt, that ye may KNOW HOW YE OUGHT TO ANSWER EVERY MAN” [Colossians 4:6] Beloved, if we have OFFENDED God or man in WORD, let us REPENT and SETTLE the ACCOUNT and we shall be blameless when we are CALLED HOME.

3. Whatever we have in this world, we received by DIVINE PROVIDENCE, “… and WHAT HAST THOU THAT THOU DIDST NOT RECEIVE? now if thou didst receive it, why dost thou glory, as if thou hadst not received it?” [1 Corinthians 4:7] We received ALL THINGS from God and must give ACCOUNT, “… For unto WHOMSOEVER MUCH IS GIVEN, OF HIM SHALL MUCH BE REQUIRED… ” [Luke 12:48] The Lord Jesus Christ told His disciples the PARABLE of a STEWARD ACCUSED of “WASTING” his master’s goods. The master “ … CALLED him, and said unto him, How is it that I hear this of thee? GIVE AN ACCOUNT OF THY STEWARDSHIP; for thou mayest be NO LONGER STEWARD” [Luke 16:1-2] God is the MASTER who gives material and spiritual riches to men according to His PURPOSE. Take note, the STEWARD had an ACCUSER, as we also do, “ … for the ACCUSER OF OUR BRETHREN is cast down, which ACCUSED THEM BEFORE OUR GOD DAY AND NIGHT” [Revelation 12:10] The ACCUSER is Satan, watching how you spend “YOUR MONEY” and exercise “YOUR SPIRITUAL GIFTS”. When you neglect the poor, refuse to spend for the cause of the GOSPEL and or monetize SPIRITUAL GIFTS, you yield advantage to the ACCUSER to DEBIT your ACCOUNT. Beloved, AUDIT your RESOURCES now, SETTLE your ACCOUNT with the Lord and give no room to the ACCUSER.

4. Perhaps the only thing the rich and poor have in common is 24 hours in a day, and we shall give ACCOUNT of every second to God, “… who without respect of persons JUDGETH according to EVERY MAN’S WORK, pass the TIME OF YOUR SOJOURNING HERE in fear” [1 Peter 1:7] What you do with your TIME determine the WORDS of your mouth and how you allocate your RESOURCES. Your TIME, WORDS and RESOURCES amount to your WORK and “EVERY MAN’S WORK SHAL BE MADE MANIFEST: for the day shall declare it, because IT SHALL BE REVEALED BY FIRE; and the FIRE SHALL TRY EVERY MAN’S WORK…” [1Corinthians 3:13] If your TIME is frittered on “EARTHLY THINGS”, your WORK has no ETERNAL RELEVANCE; you are sowing to your FLESH and “… HE THAT SOWETH TO HIS FLESH SHALL OF THE FLESH REAP CORRUPTION; but he that SOWETH TO THE SPIRIT SHALL OF THE SPIRIT REAP LIFE EVERLASTING” [Galatians 6:8] Listen carefully, no man can deceive God with ecclesiastical titles or religious activities; God JUDGES the HEART and shall “… bring to light the HIDDEN THINGS OF DARKNESS, and will make manifest the COUNSELS OF THE HEART: and then shall every man have praise of God” [1 Corinthians 4:5] I challenge you to scrutinize your TIME, that your WORK be not in vain.

5. Brethren, let us AUDIT and SETTLE our ACCOUNTS before it is too late. If you have no ACCOUNT in Jesus Christ, I plead with you to accept Him today, as your LORD and SAVIOUR, amen