1.Every known culture and religion accommodate MEMORIALS. Temples, mausoleums, statues and diverse structures stand today as MEMORIALS of great rulers or religious icons. MEMORIALS serve as REMINDER and precedent for present and future action. Another word for MEMORIAL is REMEMBRANCE. FAITH, on the other hand, is primarily HOPE in the WORD of God, as it is written: “…FAITH is the SUBSTANCE of things HOPED for, the EVIDENCE of things NOT SEEN” (Hebrews 11:1) FAITH is the REALITY of what God says He will do and MEMORIALS OF FAITH are not the works of men but of God. The ALMIGHTY raises MEMORIALS OF FAITH to SEPARATE, ANCHOR and GATHER the HARVEST of His WORD in every age, according to His PURPOSE. MEMORIALS OF FAITH are established by PROPHETIC REVELATION of the SURE PROMISE of God in the HEART. There is a MEMORIAL OF FAITH for this generation and it is not a TEMPLE, MOUNTAIN, or anything made or built by men. It is established in the HEART of every man whose name is engraved in the BOOK OF LIFE, by PROPHETIC REVELATION of the WORD of God.

2. There was a MEMORIAL OF FAITH in Egypt, as the Bible says: “And Joseph took an oath of the children of Israel, saying, GOD WILL SURELY VISIT YOU, and YE SHALL CARRY UP MY BONES from hence” (Genesis 50:25) The TOMB of Joseph did not qualify as the MEMORIAL OF FAITH because it was not a PROPHETIC EDIFICE and did not require REVELATION to comprehend. But the message of Joseph was PROPHETIC, being a SURE PROMISE from God to deliver Israel from bondage and establish His people in the Promised Land. The rotten BONES of Joseph spoke as a REMINDER of man’s inability to SAVE his own SOUL or do what God ALONE can do. Not everyone “SAW’ and or “HEARD” the BONES. Those who did, did so by REVELATION. They were constrained by what they “SAW” and “HEARD” to shift their gaze from what was happening around them to what Joseph said God WILL DO. By turning to God, the MEMORIAL OF FAITH was raised in their HEARTS to the PROMISE of God. This MEMORIAL not made by men or angels comforted and preserved Israel through many years of cruel persecution in Egypt till they were delivered from bondage.

3. The MEMORIAL OF FAITH in Egypt expired as soon as Israel crossed the Red Sea. Other MEMORIALS were raised down through the ages but were all peculiar to Israel. When it pleased God to be manifest in Jesus Christ, a UNIVERSAL MEMORIAL OF FAITH was raised for all men, irrespective of nationality and colour, as it is written: “For in that she hath poured this ointment on my body, SHE DID IT FOR MY BURIAL. Verily I say unto you, WHERESOEVER THIS GOSPEL SHALL BE PREACHED in the WHOLE WORLD, there shall also this, that this WOMAN HATH DONE, BE TOLD FOR A MEMORIAL OF HER” (Matthew 26:12-13) No stones were gathered for this MEMORIAL as Joshua did at Jordan or a TOMB specially constructed for the body of Jesus Christ as was done for Joseph [Joshua 4:7] There was nothing PROPHETIC about the ALABASTER BOX or the PRECIOUS OINTMENT. The MEMORIAL was in her HEART. She understood by PROPHETIC REVELATION that God was manifest in Jesus Christ, to SAVE MANKIND through His DEATH and RESURRECTION [1 Timothy 3:16] She acted by FAITH and by her action was born a UNIVERSAL MEMORIAL OF FAITH that endures till today. This MEMORIAL OF FAITH is the PREACHING of the GOSPEL of Jesus Christ for the SALVATION of the world.

4. The PREACHING of the GOSPEL of Jesus Christ in all nations, in this generation, is the SURE SIGN of the END of Time and of His Coming, as it is written: “And this GOSPEL SHALL BE PREACHED IN ALL THE WORLD AND THEN SHALL THE END COME” [Matthew 24:14] If you are BORN AGAIN, this verse should stir up in you a REMINDER of the PROMISE of TRANSLATION and encourage you to earnestly prepare for His Coming. I exhort you to examine your FAITH in line with the MEMORIAL acceptable to God, knowing fully well that “…no man knoweth who the Son is, but the Father; and who the Father is, but the Son, and HE TO WHOM THE SON WILL REVEAL HIM” [Luke 10:22] Who is the SON. who is the FATHER? I bare witness that this is the MYSTERY we must unravel to be SAVED. The woman in Matthew 26: 12-13, saw God through the FLESH and garments won by Jesus Christ. She BELIEVED by PROPHETIC REVELATION that Jesus Christ is the FATHER manifest in the SON to DIE for us, so we might be SAVED. She acted on her FAITH by ANOINTING Him in preparation for His DEATH and the UNIVERSAL MEMORIAL OF FAITH was raised in her honour.

5. Beloved, there are many MASQUERADES in the world packaged and presented as Jesus Christ. You must not be deceived by those who PREACH Christ as one of three gods sharing one throne, an angel or a religious icon. How did you come to know Jesus Christ, by HEARSAY or by PROPHETIC REVELATION? After listening to the woman at the well PREACH Christ to them, the people of Samaria had MEMORIALS OF FAITH raised in their HEARTS and they confessed, saying: “…NOW WE BELIEVE, NOT BECAUSE OF THY SAYING, FOR WE HAVE HEARD HIM OURSELVES, and KNOW THAT THIS IS INDEED CHRIST, THE SAVIOUR OF THE WORLD” [John 4:42] The MEMORIAL OF FAITH acceptable to God is the TESTIMONY of Jesus Christ. Have you heard Jesus Christ speaking to you, saying: “I and my Father are one [John 10:40] If not, the foundation of your FAITH is on sinking SAND. If you have His MEMORIAL in your HEART, encourage with the SURE PROMISE of His Coming. If you are not sure where you stand, accept the PROPHETIC REVELATION of Jesus Christ today as your Lord and Saviour and remain blessed forever in Jesus name, amen.

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